Meet Kevin

Since I became a part of the DDC Family, good things started happening to me and my family. One of the highlights since DDC is that I was able to finish my studies and became a licensed professional teacher. To top it off, I was able to provide and support my family more. There are other highlights of my DDC journey. First off, I was able to visit places that I only imagined visiting like Coron Palawan. Growing up in the province, riding a plane is listed on my bucket list. Now, I even lost count of my previous flights.

We were able to build our own house and secured a 500sqm residential lot in our town. It didn’t end there, we were able to get a brand new car. All of these things were unexpected. I only hoped for what is necessary, and yet we were able to afford things because of DDCPH Corp.

I already built my own house and gives my family a comfortable living, I already invested 500square meter residential lot, and through DDCPH and the guidance of our Almighty God I already had my toy for a big boy I had my Suzuki Ertiga (Social may Car), and I am still looking forward to every progress for my family with the help of DDCPH and our God. I am praying and hoping that I will stay here at DDCPH as long as I can still work.

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