Meet Omar

My name is Omar, and I’m a proud member of the DDCPH Corp family. I got an offer way back in 2017, unfortunately due to personal reasons, I’ve rejected the offer. To top it off, I have little to zero knowledge when it comes to computers as I grew up having limited access to it. A year after, I realized that I could really use a second source of income to support my growing family. Yes, you got it right. I finally accepted the job offer.

Given my employment background, it was really challenging. I’ve always been scared. The members and the managers have been nothing, but supportive. I don’t even have a personal laptop during the process, one of the members just lent his spare device. After a few months, I finally decided to go full-time. I realized that I’ll be able to support my family by just working with DDCPH.

As my tenure went along, I focused on familiarizing myself with computer usage and made myself available for training for different tasks. My task mastery significantly improved. I was able to earn more and help other members. After a while, I was able to get hold of almost every task the company had. It didn’t take long when the company had to expand. The expansion meant more members, hence the company needed more leaders. Fortunately, I was eyed by the management to be a part of their team. Mid 2019, I got promoted as an assistant team manager along with some other members.

Being promoted as an ATM meant a new challenge and a new adventure for me. One thing that I worried about most is the possibility that the members won’t be as accepting. To my surprise, my experience has been positive. Of course there will always be bumps, but nothing too concerning. Come February 2021, I got promoted again as a Team Manager.

Right now, as my journey continues, my goal is to help the company grow by helping the other members. Just like how the entire organization helped me.

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