2023 Manager’s Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam

As DDCPH Corp. continues to expand, strategic planning has become more vital to the company’s success.

Our upcoming conference for managers will be held in a breathtaking international location, where we will take advantage of a change of scenery to reinvigorate our strategy and approach. Brainstorming of innovative ideas.

Beyond this business benefits, this adventure also provides a chance for team building, cultural immersion, and connect with our colleagues on a deeper level.

We cannot wait to see the results to be a game-changer for the company and team.

Let’s explore and learn as one!

Ajirim, Jherfar
Alonzo, Gerome
Bahian, Marnovem
Bustamante, Mary Joy
Bustamante, Lourdito Jr
Cruz, Lolita
Destura, Pamela
Guiang, Royce Gabrielle
Ebanculla, Omar
Gementiza, Kevin
Bustamante, Lena Princess
Lucas, Rowena Blanca
Macapagal, Jewel Kamille
Maputi, Regimar
Mauricio, Eric
Miculob, Arnies
Nibay, Jobel
Pabas, Alfredo Jr
Quijano, Kevin
Reyes, Roselyn Joy
Teoxon, Argie
Edquid, Mary Rose
Lucas, Emmar
Reyes, Benedict
Alonzo, Mary June

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