Hone training for DDCPH Managers

Regardless of your degree of experience, it’s critical to always learn new things and build new abilities. As your career progresses, you’ll need to collaborate effectively with coworkers, develop a thorough understanding of your work, stay current with evolving technology, and eventually manage others.

On November 16–18, 2022, the DDCPH Corporation held a successful three-day Managers Bootcamp at The Grey House-Mabini. This aims to arm our Managers with the ability to influence decision-making, develop effective procedures, empower the team members to be at their best, and skills necessary for setting clear expectations, which can enhance employee motivation as they can successfully carry out their jobs.

Numerous training programs were discussed in order to enhance communication skills, gain a better grasp of the management role, increase managers’ self-confidence, as well as programs on how to run productive meetings, ask constructive questions, use coaching techniques, and other topics. On the other hand, our managers also took part in and enjoyed several activities, such as constructing the tallest tower, which was also a challenge that improved their ability to divide tasks into manageable portions and use resources effectively. Tangram helps people become more creative, rational, and good at problem-solving.

Being a great leader requires a lot of training, but these courses are only the first step. Our sincere gratitude to our managers for attending the three-day bootcamp on their own volition. May we constantly be prepared to evolve and may we continue to visualize and develop a practical plan for accomplishing the goals, fostering a sense of community at work, and doing so.

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